Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula
July 2005

Flying in to Seattle takes you past an impressive line of volcanoes.

Doesn't matter where you are, teeth have to be brushed!

Saturday morning we take the ferry out of downtown Seattle, heading for the Olympic Peninsula.

Thanks for a great ride, Volvo!

Lake Crescent

Linn slept well in the borrowed car seat. She was diagnosed with roseola ("tredagsfeber") so she wasn't at her best.

A very nice place to stay; the Olympic Suites in Forks.

Rialto Beach at sunset and medium tide.

Driving back we caught a glimpse of Mount Olympic, with its glacier. The rainy valleys facing west host the only tempered rainforest in the northern hemisphere.

Hall of mosses, Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park.

The moist air looses much of its water when rising over the steep westside of Mount Olympus,
giving enough rain for the area to be classified as rain forest.

Another beautiful beach along the coast. The more than 2 meter tide creates big piles of drift wood along the beaches.

Waiting for the water to return...

Taking another ferry back toward Seattle gives us a spectacular view of the skyline in front of Mt. Rainer as the sun sinks behind us.

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