Yosemite National Park with Petter and Malin
October 2004

On our way we stopped over in Patterson at Lars and Asta's

Lars and Hans after some precision shooting

Asta with a happy three month old

Along route 140.

Welcome, Drive safely!

Fall had just arrived to the park, with three days of storm and snow, so we were quite lucky not to arrive earlier.
The fog had just lifted and left us with a gorgeous fall day.

Bride Vail Fall

Linn does not wait, she just does it.
Changing in the car was fine with her though.

Nice and clean again

The 1000 m vertical cliff El Capitan, one of the most famous climbing sites in the world.

Half Dome with a fresh snow cap

Yosemite Falls, the upper one visible. The lower fall is hidden behind the clouds.

Yosemite West is a small collection of houses at the western end of the park.
We stayed in one of these condos.

Relaxing by the fire after a day of hikes

The next day the air was cool and crisp. Not a cloud in the sky.

Linn had a great time looking at all trees and mountains, and sucking at her BabyBjörn

...and of course she took a nap from time to time.

Mirror Lake. Half dome is up to the right.

Time for lunch, for everyone.