Linnīs 14th & 15th months
August 20 - October 19

My 14th month starts with my belated birthday picnic in Laguna Beach, cause now all my friends have come back from vacation.

I got this cool t-shirt from aunt Åsa.. now I am an official "walker in progress"...

..and driver as well!

Saturday hike in Back Bay with Ann, Andreas & Joey

Early Septembertrip up to Bay Area and Lars & Asta in Turlock.

I promise heīs as curious as I am!

"I bet my horse is faster than yours!"

14 months old, mid September

I have just received my Swedish passport !

Beachday at San Onofrey with the Crabbe family

Dad and Jason study the water...

..while I keep an eye on things in the sand

Mid October and the Pumpkin patch has arrived to town

For the record, I took my first steps on Oct 8th (but I still hang on to crawling most of the time)

Boo !!

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