Sarek National Park, continued...
July 2001

Jonas in action.

Tent and Jonas' pack at sunset, with rain coming in from the east.
Our clothes are still outside the tent to dry in the sun... RUN!

Can I stay here forever?
View over Alkavagge.


--Fjällripa --

Typical Sarek weather: We wait in our tent for the rain to end and we can very clearly see the sun basking in the next valley... for almost the while morning. Still rain where we are...

... so we decided the sun wouldn't come to us, we would have to walk to it.

One of the few streams "jokk" we had to undress to cross. Cold..! But kind of exciting.

We stayed in the shadow of the majestic Sarektjåkko massif for two nights as a base camp, and took a lighter day hike to Rapadalen ("burp valley" actually if you translate the name)

An absolutely fantastic day, that got even better by the fact that we left the packs behind in the tent.

Part of Skårki with the south end of the Ålkatj glacier as a back drop. Jonas in the upper right corner gives perspective to the size of these mountains.

View to the south of Rapadalen with Skierfe as a giant rock splitting the valley in the distance.

Heading north again, back to the tent which is in the first valley to the right, some two hours walk from here.

A (rest-)room with a view.

King Karl's spire, one of the more spectacular of all the orchids to be found in Sarek.

At the eastern end of Sarek. Our journey is almost complete.

The last supper... is when all the leftovers have to be consumed. Sometimes a very good mix, sometimes not.