Celebration Roland & Ulla; family dinner
Friday Aug 6, 2010

It all began in Alingsås on a Friday when we all 3 siblings with families had managed to get together....

Well, it all started 50 years ago, or actually, 80 years ago since we were originally planning our get-together due to Roland's birthday...

..but since dad pointed out, the anniversary was much more important to put in focus: that's what we did!

So: Happy 50th Anniversary mom & dad !

We all gathered at Christinas & Anders' house for our celebration dinner

Salomon was happy even without champagne

Daniel & Karin with family

Ulrika & Hans with children

Ready to celebrate!!

Christina had done tremendous preparations...

..and Hans had fixed the sauce going with these guys

wow - all gathered, that hasn't happened in many years !

Evereyone likes Anders' cooking!

Allie, Ariel & Linn

Ulrika gives a singing speech

your life from our view

Salomon, Ulla & Roland having a cozy time waiting for desert


Finally..Daniel's delicious cheese cake!


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