Celebration Roland & Ulla, Shrimp evening
Saturday Aug 7, 2010

during the afternoon, the kids get to swim in beloved Lake Gerdsken

ahh, the delicious Karlsson fika, with the raisin cookies and choc roll cake and...

...and the tree swing behind the house..

and Karin, working hard on documenting us all...

hey there, I want to be in...

Hans gets to borrow the latest newcomer to the family: Salomon

But eventually...the kids were tired and could go to sleep, and we could have this 3rd celebration part: the shrimp & wine evening

ahh, I can still remember the taste and the great company

what an evening!

and then the grand finale of the evening: Roland's movie time..

..taking us back to where it all began, in Herrljunga 50 years ago..

Mom, Dad, what a fantastic weekend - Thanks !

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