July-August, 2010

just one of those ordinary days when we help grandpa (in our pyjamas) clear up in the front yard (and meet with Sweden's only poisonous snake, by the way)

Hugo & Kristoffer

Daddy reading a story before tucking us in

grandma is good at reading stories too!

just checking the safety of the life vest

Linn adores her aunt Åsa

Allie too, check these pictures out, one looong gaze of love:

And then we love dad's aunt Marianne too

cousin Karin comes to visit

Hugo needs to improve his kissing technique...

Hans & Åsa preparing a last night dinner for the parents

Grandma showing just how much to open your mouth

ah, grandma, you're so cute!

yey, we actually managed to get everyone in on the same picture - puh !!

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