Allie & Linn: Gymnastics, Spelling bee...
Early spring 2011

Allie warming up with her friend Torey

cartwheel practice

and my favorite: bear walk

Linn made a good job spelling at school, so she was moved into the finals of "the Spelling Bee"

All the proud finalists: Erin, Linn, Stephanie and this year's champion: Cooper

Celebrating afterwards!!

Pretty girls dressed up for a dressup party at Sophia's house. Meet: "Allison McQueen" & "Linn Ariel"

Linn's school having "Crazy hair day"

and Allie having crazy hair day, all by herself!

Oh, and another big happening this spring: Allie learns to bike without training wheels!

in fact, Allie goes right up to speed (impatient as usual...)..

..which costs her quite a few bruices, or as she put it herself:
"Dad, I tasted the asphalt, it was no good"

But it just goes to show I'm a brave rider!!

and here is Linn's reward for doing a fantastic job during some tough weeks this spring: well earned!!

..and Allie's reward: well... Her interests stay within the area of either puppies or racing! she added to this proud collection!

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