Girls trip to Palm Desert
Saturday May 14th, 2011

Ahhh, no more words needed, right?!!

We're here!! "1,5 Bebe" in front of the house

Our hostess Anna...

My first real meal in a while. Oh it tasted good!!

Anna had kindly invited us for a 24hr get-away without kids, to her family's house in Palm Desert. A Beautiful, relaxing place designed in the 50's

so that was pretty much the plan: relax, eat & drink, talk & sleeeeeep!!

and that was pretty much what we did!

we enjoyed a delicious paté dinner, cooked & sent by Bebe's father, a fantastic cook

afternoon, desert sun - it doesn't get much more relaxing than this

And of course Lisa had made a dessert to kill for: after eight cheese cake

and Bebe brought a Swedish must-have: "Victoria & Daniel chocolate"

Lisa - how is it possible to look this beautiful this early in the morning?

On our way back home, we had decided to stop for brunch at Parker's hotel in Palm Springs.

an impressive place with lots of cozy corners..

But most important things first:

morning coffee, a life saver for some..

We decided to save the Sevruga Caviar for next time

..and instead go for Crispy French Toast

nothing to complain about as it comes to the presentations!!

I know - no words to describe that technique

a getaway including full recouperation

and with Lisa entertaining us on the road back home: who can ask for more??

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