Linn at school
Reilly Elementary School, Jan-Feb 2011

January was the month for the 1st graders to show off finally, and sing every Friday morning at the Flag Ceremony

Allie & Abby - best little sisters friends !!

Always patiently watching their sister's activities..

But first comes loyalty to the country!

Our little patriot swears her Pledge of Allegiance

and the singing can begin

"..hello to all the children of the world.."

They also had a "Neon dress day"

..and most fun of all: due to doing good things, the class earned a pajama party !! (Ian & Linn)

friend Nicole

Yes, this is their teacher: Mrs Gorney. Talk about being into the act!!
(I don't remember ever seeing MY teachers like this in the school yard)

Reading center - so much easier when you have your favorite pet at your side :-)

another of those special dressing days: this is "Twin day" together with friend Amanda.

After 7 months of music, it was time for a recital.

Their EXcellent music teacher Mrs Hancock walked us through songs and learning...

They learn beats, loud and silent... They learn tempo and rythm..

..and they are having a great time doing it!!

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